Seth Earley

Author of "The AI-Powered Enterprise: Harness the Power of Ontologies to Make Your Business Smarter, Faster and More Profitable"
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Why listen to Seth Earley?
Business insights delivered with passion and humor.

Through-out his career Seth Earley has been passionate about the crucial role of information management would play in a world hurtling toward digital transformation. He provides challenging insights to executives who are tasked with leading their organizations forward in an age in which the digital experience offered to customers determines the winner.

As CEO of Earley Information Science, a consulting firm he founded over 20 years ago, Seth guides some of the worlds most recognized brands on how to leverage their information assets to deliver state of the art customer experiences through integrated enterprise architectures. Seth has a long history of industry education and research in emerging fields. His current work covers cognitive computing, knowledge engineering, data management systems, taxonomy, ontology and metadata governance strategies.

Seth Earley is a sought-after speaker, writer, and influencer.  He is the award-winning author of “The AI Powered Enterprise” from LifeTree Media.  Named to Thinkers360 Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Artificial Intelligence 2022.  Additionally,  his writing has appeared in IT Professional Magazine from the IEEE, the Harvard Business Review, CMSWire, Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics, and he co-authored “Practical Knowledge Management” from IBM Press.



IA – You have to do it

In this session, Seth explains that if you have the right methodologies, and you apply them end-to-end…you cannot fail. If you still can’t find stuff after you have completed the project, you didn’t do it right.  IA is foundational, it is going to be costly but you have to do it – correctly.

Ontology is the soul of the business

Chatbots are a channel – for disseminating information.  Executives must not assume there is a knowledge base that is ready to power the chatbot.  You will need to build it.  The AI/machine learning algorithms will not be able to fix everything!

Putting AI to Work

At the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium on The CIO Adventure: Now, Next and… Beyond, Seth urges executives to get their data “house in order” so that they can be ready for the initiative that will depend on well architected information can be successful.  To fail to do so could mean your job.


Seth’s keynote was informative and humorous. He cut through the AI hype and explained the technology’s true promise and constraints. He also reminded us that high-quality, audience-focused, well-structured content is key to success in any digital communications channel, including AI-enabled channels.

Jacqui Olkin, User Experience Consultant, Olkin Communications Consulting

Seth’s practical approach to AI in his Information Development World keynote presentation provided a much-needed, realistic view of the technology for content professionals. His knowledge of content, information architecture, and content management helped to put the AI story into a broader context that any content pro could understand and relate to, and his humorous delivery engaged the IDW audience and ensured that his important messages about AI were received.

Andrea Ames, CEO/Founder and Content Experience Strategy Consultant, Idyll Point™ Group

Seth Earley is a terrific speaker on a variety of content-related topics. His knowledge of the space, along with his industry affiliations, place him well above the pack. In addition, Seth is an engaging speaker. He clearly shows passion for his work, holds the attention of the audience, and provides a captivating and enjoyable experience. We enjoyed having him speak at Information Development World and look forward to additional opportunities in the future.

Val Swisher, CEO, Content Rules, Inc.

Seth is a powerful speaker who understands the values of proper data management in large complex environments. Seth has a keen sense of the future direction of information science as it relates to the digital revolution. Seth keeps his audience engaged and active when presenting. Seth can sense the listeners understanding level and adapt his presentation on the fly to keep the topic relevant and engaging. I always enjoy listening to Seth speak and feel like I leave his presentations with a better understanding than when I walked in.

Timothy J Sendera, PhD
Senior Director of Information Science
Thermo Fisher Scientific