How to be AI Driven – Separating the Signal from the Noise in a Crowded, Hype Filled Marketplace

Artificial Intelligence is real and it’s going to change our world.

Like any significant technology era, it will entail a shift in thinking, mindset and the approach to markets and customers. Each new era in computing has massively changed the economic and corporate landscape with some companies adapting and others losing their way.  AI will be more impactful than anything that has come before. 

The marketplace is saturated with hype and marketing noise so HOW DO YOU PROCEED AND WHAT DO YOU DO? 


  • Large consultancies charge millions of dollars for science projects that in many cases are not producing sufficient value to justify or sustain the spend.
  • Corporate IT departments scramble to hire scarce talent to compete with tech giants and youthful startups and well-funded players are disrupting the usual business models and eroding market share and profit margins of established industry players.
  • Leadership is stuck between a rock and a hard place – spending millions to allow vendors to learn on their dime or risk losing customers to organizations that get there first.

As recently as the 90’s with the growth of the internet – few could see where it was all going and how organizations would be spending enormous sums and building armies of technical teams and completely revamping their business models.   RISK IS REAL – Get it right and succeed or lose your markets.

Academic resources can be too abstract, large integrators too immature, and small consultancies too bandwidth constrained.

THE RESULT: Learn through trial and error.


  • Help executives understand foundational concepts in artificial intelligence
  • Outline ways to get value from the family of technologies
  • Provide a clear set of recommendations as to what needs to be in place to be successful.


  • As CEO of Earley Information Science, Seth know these scenarios.  After IBM purchased Lotus Development for $3B in 1995, he advised the office of the CIO at IBM where his group was referred to as their SWAT team.
  • He wrote about software as a service before the cloud was a $200b+ industry.
  • He worked on early iterations of machine learning  technology and coauthored a book on the tools that became Omni Search and eventually part of the Watson DNA.
  • He is a proven Educator:   Data Analytics Department Editor of IT Professional Magazine, a peer reviewed journal from the IEEE, has taught graduate courses in information management and founded industry communities of practice focused on emerging technologies and approaches including Boston Based AI Knowledge Salons.
  • His 50 person consulting firm has been called “the real deal” by analyst firm Forrester and his clients have won numerous awards for the work his consultancy has delivered.