MIT CIO Symposium

MIT CIO Symposium Panel – Putting AI to Work

“Most of AI’s promise may be in the future, but companies must prepare now or risk falling behind for good.” – Seth Earley

At the CIO Symposium, Seth Earley participated in a panel discussion moderated by Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab. One of the big takeaways from the panel, “Putting AI to Work,” is that the technology, at least for the immediate future, represents less of a threat to replace human workers and more of a positive change, in that it could improve, or “augment,” human activity.

It’s really about making people more productive. We have to look at this as a partnership, using AI to build new capabilities through really high-quality, interactive, personalized training that takes into consideration different learning styles and natural skills.

We have to train the robots with the right knowledge architecture.  But we also have to train the people to use the robots.